Monday, 29 October 2012

#10: october

haiku salut - quiche                                   00:00
vashti bunyan - come wind come rain    02:46
message to bears - undone                        04:50
kynan - just to sing i love you                  07:25
jónsi - sun                                                    10:54
micah p. hinson - yard of blonde girls   12:40
samantha savage smith - the fight          15:33
tulin-fée - sila                                            19:34
alexi murdoch - towards the sun            24:54

continuous mix @ 320kbps (68mb)

download here  (mediafire)

greetings from deepest darkest and windiest patagonia. spring should (theoretically) be on it's way down here, but for now conditions are still pretty brutal. vashti's words are even more relevant here than they were sitting at home with the northern autumn approaching.
battening down the hatches for now. enjoy your november :)

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