Sunday, 25 November 2012

#11: november

emphemetry - twinklebox                   00:00
bill callahan - jim cain                         02:28
two bicycles - the ocean (part one)    07:00
lali puna - remember                            07:50
jilk - nibo clay                                       11:24
tunng - woodcat                                   15:48
azeda booth - well                                19:36
james figurine - apologies                  22:02
epic 45 - winterbirds                           26:16

continuous mix @ 320kbps (69mb)

download here  (mediafire)

greetings once again from patagonia... growing wilder and more spectacular by the day. here's your mix for the month. a certain mr jilk disrupts the tranquility in the middle somewhere (not sure what happened there :S). but hopefully you'll still find a few things you like in there...
december's selection was rather slapped together the night before i left and the mixing's horrible, so you'll have to wait until I get home in late feb for a re-jig. assuming i can drag myself away from patagonia...

merry xmas!

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