Friday, 28 September 2012

#9: september

coloquix - whiskey in walton                                                                    00:00
baths - exit the mine                                                                                   00:50
white ship - distant sound                                                                          03:40
keep shelley in athens - in love with dusk                                                07:29
long walks on the beach - metaphysical                                                  11:10
an animal - sutra                                                                                         13:47
daisuke tanabe - deer drop forest                                                              17:12
gold panda - snow & taxis                                                                         20:42
kisses - people can do the most amazing things (sun airway remix)   25:15

continuous mix @ 320kbps (71mb)

download here  (mediafire)

i'll be wandering through the wilds of south america for the next few months, but will hopefully still get the rest of the year's mixes online. bear with me!

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